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Watch the Video Above to see InstantLP in Action.

From The Desk of Raakesh Blokhra...
(Founding Developer of Offer Vault and Affiliate Radar)
September 28, 2022

Dear Friend,

Creating websites and making money online work hand in hand.  You can’t have one without the other.  And there’s nothing like struggling to create profitable sites to zap your energy and focus.

Robert: Hello Raakesh and Instant LP,

I would like to take a moment and recommend Instant LP software, but also would like to say, that if you are not using this tool, you are not saving time or money. If you are a Small Business owner, and would like to generate a Landing Page quick and easy, then Instant LP is the right choice for you. The most common thing that I have noticed about Instant LP, is that each and every step of making a landing page, has a well thought out video tutorial, to give you a complete and simple guide in making your Website and or Landing Page. Raakesh and his support staff have always replied to my needs in a timely manner and never leave me just waiting for days on end like other software companies that are out there. If you truly want to make a Landing page in minutes and not hours or days, then Instant LP wins hands down.

If business is your specialty, then you will enjoy the stability, Reliability and dependability of Instant LP all at a reasonable price.

Best regards,
Robert Hogue
"Getting on page one"


Whether you’re paying someone to make them, or you’re spending your own time doing it… there’s a much easier, and much more profitable way.

The truth is, creating websites and landing pages is one of the most common problems affecting Internet Marketers.  Imagine being able to create a web site or landing page in just a few clicks and entering any market or implementing any idea you have right now?

InstantLP makes the landing page game one you can win, because for each landing page you have to create, you need the same components each time, and InstantLP makes sure you have each component to maximize your Google Adwords Quality Score for each page you make. Talk about cheating your way to victory! Thanks for letting me take InstantLP out for a test drive, you have managed to get me hooked on it, and now I don't use DreamWeaver for anything, I might as well uninstall it... I can even create template pages for Rapid Action Profits with it! My work is much easier now that I have InstantLP in my "must have" toolbox!

- Micheal Savoie

My inner circle and I had a breakthrough a few months back… We knew that to really make money online we needed the ability to create quality SEO’d (Search Engine Optimized) web sites and landing pages very quickly. 

Dreamweaver and Frontpage just weren’t cutting it.  It still took too long to make our sites, we still had to pay for the design, and they still required extensive SEO work.  We searched high and low but found nothing out there that did all that…

Until now.

Raakesh, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the way InstantLP turned out. I was just testing it out some more and I really love it. It is just so drop dead simple and easy to use and that to me is the most important thing that software can be. As you know, I am far from technical, which is why this tool is so great for me. Thanks also for including all of my suggestions. It is really important that the sites it builds contain all the necessary elements for great quiality score and it certainly accomplishes this.

- Mark Roth

Introducing InstantLP… Create Professionally Designed Websites And Landing Pages In Just Minutes!

InstantLP was created by Internet Marketers for Internet Marketers.  How many ways can you think of to make money with a tool like this?  I’ll give you a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing…

Just choose one and do it right now.  InstantLP gives you that ability!

In case you couldn’t watch the video, here are just a few of the ways InstantLP can make you money:

1) If there’s a hot product people are buzzing about, create a profitable affiliate review page in minutes!

2) If there’s a hot news story create a super quick landing page with 1 article and a youtube video, put some adsense ads on them and watch the cash roll in (Yes, all that in just a few minutes!).

3) You can create incredible looking and SEO’d websites with InstantLP, and FLIP them for instant cash!  Better yet offer them on a forum with Private Label Rights and really get more sales and customers  (Creating web sites with InstantLP is very quick and easy).

4) Find a local business and create a web site for them for a high fee!  Nobody will know it took you very little time to create the site, and just a bit longer to add the content.  Don’t forget to tell them their web site will be Search Engine Optimized (SEO’d).  InstantLP does that automatically!

5) Want to cash in on the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) craze?  Just drag and drop your affiliate code into InstantLP and the landing page is automatically created!  See, you can try out lots of offers and niche markets cause it only takes you a few minutes to create each landing page!

As you can probably tell InstantLP is unlike anything else out there.  It allows you to make money in so many different ways.  If you have an idea you’ve been wanting to do, you can do it!

If a really great idea comes to you while having breakfast you can implement it instantly!  There are no more excuses

Excellent tool, a must have for any busy internet marketer's toolbox. I look forward to rapidly designing my own custom landing pages in minutes, optimizing for SEO and PPC with a few clicks. This tool will save me tons of cash and time. I no longer need to outsource my landing pages.

- Dushan


Everyone You Know Will Want To Know How You’re Cranking Out So Many Money Making Sites So Quickly!

Here’s a quick demo video showing you exactly how InstantLP works, and how easy it is to use.

With InstantLP you can:

·        Create landing pages and multiple-page websites very quickly using stunning pre-defined style templates (Templates included FREE).

·        Your sites are automatically created with the latest SEO friendly code - This means your website/business will get better rankings and get more traffic!

·        Create affiliate sites/landing pages from ANY affiliate network simply by dragging and dropping. (You won't find this feature anywhere else. If you're an affiliate marketer or are thinking of starting with affiliate marketing, PPC, or CPA, wait till you see what InstantLP will do for you. More on this in a bit...).

·        InstantLP is so easy it won't take you more than 5 minutes to figure out.

·        Have a solution for non-technical marketers to make landing pages in a matter of minutes, without dealing with outsourcing or wasting precious valuable time.

·        Each website you create will automatically have "correct" structuring and formatting, ensuring a booming "Quality Score." (From Wikipedia: In Google, a high quality score could actually cause ads to jump over ads with lower quality scores that would otherwise not merit that prominent placement.) Talk about InstantLP giving you an unfair advantage!

·        Receive detailed, step-by-step, impossible not to follow instructions. Seriously, it was tested on people from ages 10-68 with varying skill levels. Extreme ease of use was very important when we created InstantLP.

·        A full 60 day - No questions asked - money back guarantee. Try out InstantLP for a month, and if you're not happy, you get your money back. You will never be left out to dry with something you don't love. Plain and simple.

And so much more..!

Cool right? There's just a few quick points about InstantLP I want to elaborate on quickly.

There are three things you'll immediately notice when you load up InstantLP. You'll notice:

1) How easy it is to download and install.

2) How quickly you'll be creating profitable landing pages/sites.

3) How many landing pages/sites you'll create in a ridiculously short amount of time!


Automatically Get the SEO and Ranking Benefits That "Experts" Charge Thousands For!


When you dig a little deeper you'll notice InstantLP's automatic use of:

·        SEO Optimization

·        Quality Score Boosting Techniques

·        Ranking Strategies

There's no doubt Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a big business, and experts charge shockingly high rates for these services. All that stuff is automatically included when you create a web site using InstantLP.  Imagine the savings you'll get from this alone?

Brian Morgan: I'm really liking how easy it is to use, even after watching the video you created. I know this software could really change the way I do things online - BIG TIME!


Neal: Your software is a real asset. I really like the simplicity of it. Thanks for allowing me to participate in the Beta.


Roberta Rosenberg: This is simple website creaton software that would be attractive to those wanting to build fast, easy affiliate sites with drop-in html affiliate code.


Andy Walker: I have used instant lp to create some basic sites with intension to lead on to my current sites and i have found the softwere to be much better then the past free softwere i currenty used. For the complete new person who is thinking of getting a blog or website up this tool is very handly,it has saved me time and little effort to have the website up and running leaving all over work needed very easy to be done. I would highly regard this software for anyone who is not a website designer andy walker


Here's something else...and I mentioned this in the video above too. With InstantLP you can create landing pages/websites for clients, tell them you're using specially tested SEO tactics (which is true), and instead of charging $1,000 for it (Like other SEO "Experts" do), you can charge $300. Best part is it'll take you around 30 minutes max to create it. $300 for 30 minutes of work doesn't sound too bad right?

I just wanted to give you that quick tip to show that your potential for profit with InstantLP is only limited by your imagination.


Exclusive Affiliate Technology Allows You To Create Stunning Affiliate (PPC, CPA) Landing Pages Simply by Dragging-and-Dropping!


InstantLP is an absolute “Profit Machine” for affiliates… if you do any kind of affiliate marketing, or are thinking of getting into it (you really should, it’s so easy to make money as an affiliate), then check this out…

To create a landing page for any affiliate offer, all you have to do is log in and get your affiliate code from your affiliate network, and drag it into InstantLP! That's all.

You instantly have a professionally designed, search engine optimized affiliate site ready to make you money.

Make sure to watch the demo video above to see exactly how this feature works, you have to admit, it is pretty cool…

You'll instantly have a landing page with the graphics from your affiliate network properly formatted and ready to make you money, all from a quick drag and drop. Do this over and over with different offers and create an army of landing pages all making you money.

It really doesn't get easier.

There's no exaggeration here. InstantLP is all it's cracked up to be and more. Oh right, the guarantee.


No Questions Asked “Love It… Or Shove It” 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


No gimmicks, small print, or quick talk.

By now, you know what InstantLP is all about, you know how it can make money for your business, and you are probably ready to take it for a test drive. You test drive a car before you buy it right? Well, you can do the same with InstantLP. Think of your first 60 days as a test drive...then decide if you want to keep it.

Just let me know if you want to return it within 60 days, and that's it. No reason needed.

It’s Time To Decide If You’re Ready To Use InstantLP To Explode Your Business…


Creating landing pages, SEO, all that stuff really doesn't have to be a chore. It doesn't have to be a frustrating task that you despise.

There are really so many ways InstantLP can make you money… Just use one of the methods in the video above and you’re in Profit. 

Boualem: I build a lot of small websites and landing pages for individual products. I have found Instantlp easy to use and a pleasure to interact with. Its many mutually complementary features make it a dream program for the internet marketer. I highly recommend it. Boualem


Adam: If I want to create a landing page fast, I will use InstantLP. It would be good if more templates are available or perhaps allow uploading of templates (provide instructions for tokens/codes) or even open it to third party designers.



P.S. Remember, you're getting the rock bottom launch price combined with the no questions asked money back guarantee. Download InstantLP right now and put it to work for you. What do you have to lose?

P.P.S. On a personal note, I'm so happy and proud that this product has helped so many people. Much of the feedback I've received is from people who are so grateful and relieved at how easy they can create beautiful, effective business landing pages. When you combine that relief with advanced design and search engine strategies, you truly have something that's one of a kind. You have InstantLP. Now get to making landing pages! Enjoy my friend.

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Special $213 Discount on InstantLP HTML Template Pack!

InstantLP uses HTML Templates to generate web pages in mere minutes.

Your copy of InstantLP comes with 30 templates.

As a special Add On bonus, you are getting a 60% discount on the Special Internet Marketer's HTML Template Package.

Your Special Promotion Code will automatically be added to your order on Checkout.

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Free InstantLP Get Started Webinar with Raakesh - $399 Value!

Webinar recording shows you how you can use InstantLP to design search friendly Landing Pages.

In this webinar Raakesh goes over some of the following topics:

  • How to setup a basic Affiliate site.
  • How to setup an Advanced Web Site
  • How to setup Tracking for each landing page you build
  • How to add / remove templates from our Template Site above
  • How to submit your sitemap to search engines
  • How to upload your website to your server
  • And some other tips and tricks to help you make more money

bonus offer


Adwords Reinvented - $67 Value!

This course sells for $67, and it’s yours free when you order Instant LP today. After you create your instant LP sites and landing pages, you can get really cheap clicks with adwords using the Adwords Reinvented strategy…that’s why it’s included as a bonus for you. Here’s just a sample of the profitable info that’s included!

Video1: See for yourself why you can pay much less for each cost-per-click (CPC) on Google Adwords vs your competition. This video is a part of Adwords Reinvented video course and it shares exactly how you can achieve this goal in matter of minutes.

Video2: Mastering Google Content Network - the world's largest advertising platform. If you know how to monetize from the content network, you have far out-paced 80% of other affiliates trying to make it in Internet Marketing. There is so much access inventory available for international markets that Google is charging pennies to fill this gap - learn how.

InstantLP is brand new... just off the production line. It has been extensively tested and perfected, but it's constantly improving and that can only be done with your feedback and use.

Therefore, although the regular price for InstantLP will be $597 shortly, you won't have to pay that right now. You won't even have to invest $497... $397...$297...$197


Your Discounted Price, for September 28, 2022, is only $97! (may increase without notice)

InstantLP's ease of use, SEO features, and unlimited profit potential make it an absolute steal at this discounted launch price.  I think that's 'nuff said.

Click the button below to get your copy of InstantLP before the launch discount ends, and start making money today!



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